Hello Anna, this is Rosanna from Customer Care at Squarespace.

Sorry to say we do not provide phone support at this time, and you'll need to refresh the page regularly at http://help.squarespace.com/ask-a-person/ until you see the "Open live chat" button appear when an agent is available.

As communication is a little compromised for the time being, I will paste for you here my reply to your email in the hope you'll see it soon (this isn't visible to your users):

"Hey Anna,

Thanks for reaching out. It's a pleasure to look into this for you!

So it would seem here that the root issue is that your Squarespace-managed domain wasn't verified within the 15 days of being registered as ICANN institution requires legally, as per:


You can see that on your site here:


I understand your email is currently down, which is probably why you couldn't verify the domain. I'd recommend that we temporarily set your Admin email for your Squarespace site to an alternate email. You mentioned that in your email to us today, but I can only find the  anna@annatas.com email linked to your account. 

If you don't have another email, you can simply create a free one today on Gmail at:


then edit the Admin email on your site:


We'll already be able to communicate normally again and look into this email issue, which is most likely linked to a faulty MX record in your DNS settings. 

Once you have a functioning email, make sure to get back to us referencing this ticket (#1758333) and we'll take it from there. Keep us posted, thanks!"